What is GemVault?

GemBank is a marketplace and platform on which the fine gemstones of the world have been placed on the Blockchain and able to be traded digitally for the first time. These assets are available in a global exchange whereby ownership can be transferred from person to person or institution to institution.

We provide an environment for the general public, which previously was not a participant in the precious gems market, to get involved with one of the most stable asset classes in the world that they have traditionally not been a part of.


Mr. Christopher Rice-Shepherd serves as Managing Director at Cliffwater LLC. Prior to joining Cliffwater in 2012, Mr. Rice-Shepherd served as a Director at Wilson Meany Sullivan where he performed due diligence and financial analysis of prospective investments as well as asset management of existing portfolio investments, focused principally on opportunistic mixed-used development projects. Previous experience includes investment analysis and portfolio management at both Stockbridge Real Estate Funds and CIM Group, Inc. Mr. Shepherd earned a BA in Economics from Stanford University, and an MBA in Finance and Real Estate from The Anderson School at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Mr. Christopher Rice-Shephard
Mr. Christopher Rice-Shephard


Edwin Rice
Edwin Rice
Pr. Don Lacshman Jayamaha JR.
Professor Don Lakshman Jayamaha Jr.
Mr. Vladimir Kovalevskiy
Mr. Vladimir Kovalevskiy
Shais M. Sheikh
Shais M. Sheikh

Professor Don Lakshman Jayamaha Jr.

Professor Don Lakshman Jayamaha Jr. is the co-founder and CFO at GemVault. He is also the founder of Serendib - Treasures of Royalty. He studied colored stones at GIA and is a Consulting Director at Vision Capital Group. He began in the blockchain industry 4 years ago when he realized the blockchain could be utilized with gemstones to create a standardized colored stones market and price discovery mechanism for consumers. Since learning about blockchain and its’ applications, he has consulted for several companies to bring to market their own blockchain projects.

Honorary Professor of Shanghai University MBA Center

Pr. Don Lacshman Jayamaha JR.

Token Distribution

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Pre-ICO distribution:

Stage 1: +30% bonus// Price: $0.45// sell 25% of the 140 million coins at this stage.

Stage 2: +20% bonus// Price: $0.54// sell 15% of the 140 million coins at this stage.

Stage 3: +10% bonus// Price: $0.58// sell 10% of the 140 million coins at this stage.

ICO release: +0% bonus// Price: $0.65// sell 50% of the 140 million coins at this stage.

Usage Of Funds

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Road Map


Received the backing and support of major trading and finance groups in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Zhengzhou, China and many more cities as part of an investor network.


Received support from the National Gem and Jewelry Authority of Sri Lanka and members of the Gem and Jewelry Exchange

Received support of gem miners and traders in Sri Lanka to accept GBC as payment and as a means to conduct escrow transactions.


Incorporated the business so that legal operations can carried out on a global scale.


Receive license for the business of issuing, transmitting, transferring, providing safe custody or storage of, administering, managing, lending, buying, selling, exchanging or otherwise trading or intermediating convertible virtual currencies; including crypto-currencies or similar concepts where the concept is accepted by persons as a means of payment for goods or services, a unit of account, a store of value or a commodity. [In process]


Conduct Pre-Sale and ICO


Establish initial market and launch trading platform/exchange.

Begin applying for securities license.


Prepare for issuance of GemBank debut cards.


Prepare for the launch of GemPay


Open first physical stores.